Throw a Rug For Change Throw a Rug For Change
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Throw a Rug For Change

list by Jenny Templeton

I am in the process pf deciding if I want to change furniture or just the scheme of my living room. I am thinking that if I can change things around, I can make it all look new again. A new curtain here, a throw pillow there and a new rug would sure breathe a new look into the room. Maybe I can find something that can make me happy, I could consider waiting to replace the furniture for a while longer. So, here I am. I found some really nice drapes and now I am looking for a new rug. I like the kind of rugs that feel good on my feet and toes. I never wear shoes indoors and my furnishing have to feel plush with the right amount of softness.

I am seeing quite a few that I like and some others for the other rooms in my home. So, now I am thinking I can breathe new life into a few rooms. I love shopping and being able to create new looks.

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maryanno 4 years ago

love  throw rugs great selection

Mmow Mmow 4 years ago

the indian blue one is beautiful I would love that one in my bed room 

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Renita Perrone 4 years ago

I am kind of looking for an area rug for my living room, but I have a couple of other places where I could use something smaller like these. Thanks for the ideas.

BETSYSGOLD 4 years ago

this is a great list 


I have carpet throughout my house I rent except for the kitchen and bathroom. I really like all of these rugs very nice!