list by Jackie

Come in and take a look around as I have picked out some quality items at a reasonable price i'm sure you will be happy with, these items were hand selected myself and each and everyone of them have a nice quality and will add warmth and comfort to your home or as a gift for a loved one of close family memeber. I hope you enjoy and thanks for lookin

Lil Brat over 4 years ago

These are great, nice list

Paula Proffitt over 4 years ago

this is a nice list

Jessica Proffitt over 4 years ago

Love these!

Mia Elizabeth over 4 years ago

wonderful list you have here, i like it a lot

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Daisy Jo over 4 years ago

you have choosen some great items for your list

Scott C over 4 years ago

great work on a list you done here

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Daisy Jo 4 years ago

looking for a great deal

janio_felipe 4 years ago

excellent product 

and great quality

Paula Proffitt 4 years ago

checking in to see anything new

Lil Brat 4 years ago

looking for more items to review