Baby products I actual used Baby products I actual used

Baby products I actual used

list by Hannah Marker

With baby number one we got or bought alot of products that we never used or used for a very short period of time but quit because we didn't like them. (Wipe warmer, Diaper genie, ect) This list is full of products that 1. We loved 2. We used often 3. Felt they are worth the cost associated with them. 

Note: There are some non-baby products on this list. But they are products that became super helpful once we had our little one. Such as the ninja blender. Instead of whipping out a baby bullet a billion times a day. I would make a bunch of fruits and vegetables on sunday. Put them in the ninja, freeze them in ice cube trays and pop them out when they got hard to store in frezzer bags then just warm up what I wanted when I wanted. Cheaper and healthier than store bought baby food but easier and less clean up then baby bullets. 

Kelly Percodani over 3 years ago

Nicely done