Hard Candy Christmas Hard Candy Christmas

I have been hearing the phrase "Hard Candy Christmas" all my life. When I was growing up, my parents used the phrase to indicate that my brother and I would be having a lean Christmas due to finances. We knew what it meant - not as many presents from Santa. The phrase "hard candy Christmas" originated during the Civil War times. It was used to describe being so poor that all the family could afford was a penny bag of hard candy to give their kids for Christmas, which was the only time of the year the family could splurge on candy. It's sad that these beautiful confections have long been associated with a less than merry Christmas. They have beautiful colors, shapes, textures and flavors. There are so many sweet variations to choose from and many of them we only see in the stores during the holidays. Some of these sweet treats are almost too pretty to eat. Almost. If you are planning on having a Hard Candy Christmas, or you're just looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, check out my list!