9 Essential Pieces of Fitness Gear for Home Workouts 9 Essential Pieces of Fitness Gear for Home Workouts

9 Essential Pieces of Fitness Gear for Home Workouts

list by Dave

Here's the list of home workout gear we use in my household to maintain fitness (and to train functionally for sports and family adventures).

The features and qualities I look for when buying fitness gear:

• Versatility for different types of workouts (less is more, unless you have a big space).
• Space-saving (because it's in the house and we don't have a separate gym room).
• High quality long-lasting (hate it when things fall apart, why buy it in the first place?).
• Good value (good pricing and affordable for the above features).

I tend to separate my workouts into 3 focus areas, so the gear I buy has these in mind:

• Push workouts (any pressing/pushing/extending).
• Pull workouts (any pulling or contracting).
• Core/Balance workouts (any mid-section or balance work).

I'm not a big muscle guy, rather, I like to build, maintain and improve functional, practical capabilities. I want to become more agile and capable over time, so participating in sports and adventures with my kids and friends is easy and fun! (And I like to enter some competitive events once in a while, it's great to take on some fun challenges.)

Tip: I like to go light on weight and resistance exercises, sacrificing maximum strength but adding repetitions for building endurance. Most sports and adventurous activities require effort over a long period of time. Consult your doctor or trainer for specifics of course.

Enjoy working out, and happy to chat in comments if you have questions. I'm a life-long health & fitness nut, but always a student, always learning. I'll share what I know if it can help you.


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Nice! I won't have a gym over winter, so I'll need to get some home equipment
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