33 Essential Road Cycling Upgrades, Accessories & Tools 33 Essential Road Cycling Upgrades, Accessories & Tools

33 Essential Road Cycling Upgrades, Accessories & Tools

list by Dave

If you're a road cyclist, whether recreational or racer, here's a list of 33 upgrades for your bike, for yourself and for your tool kit to make your riding better, safer and to keep your bike running great.

Upgrading your road bike is immensely fun, and the great thing about the little improvements you make is that you get to feel them in action--since you're intimately connected to the bike while riding. I'm a bit of a bike geek and tend to spend lots of time researching, analyzing and even testing products to find what I think is high quality (& high value) solution.

I'm currently riding a Scott Addict carbon road racing frame, but these upgrades can be applied to nearly any modern road bike. Some of these products are the result of testing 2 or 3 different options before arriving on the ones you see here. I rebuilt my bike completely 3 times last year. The only original parts are the headset and bottom bracket. Everything else was swapped out several times, as I rebuilt, tested and tuned.

There are a few items still to add to this list...some of the little, important but affordable tools I use to put everything on! I'll keep adding those, so you can see what I use in my garage/bike shop. There is nothing more satisfying for a cycling enthusiast than being able to work on your own bike. Well, okay, riding is pretty fun too. :D

I've included a few personal safety and style accessories here too (helmet and sunglasses), as these are super important for sight and safety.

I'm happy to answer questions and will share my opinion if you need.

Happy and safe cycling! :)


Jennifer Hughes 4 years ago

Amazing List

Regina Owen 4 years ago

Very nice list.