cats have 9 lives cats have 9 lives

cats have 9 lives

list by Amy Deeter
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Taking care of the cat requires certain items.Browse through the list and see if there is something you can add to your kitty paraphernalia. From the food to the liter box to snack and pet beds ,,i'm sure you will find something that you love .

Douglas DeMott 3 years ago

I really like that Petmate Portable Pet Home!  Nice list!


Great items to choose from if you have a cat. I sure do miss mine.

Natasha Berry 3 years ago

Thanks for this great list

Mmow Mmow 3 years ago

I have all my minnie cats and I think several of them could benefit by several of these items 

BETSYSGOLD 3 years ago

These are very nice items for your cat

pumpkinrat 3 years ago

Nice picks! The bowl with the stand is down right adorable.

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maryanno 3 years ago

love the cat condo its so cute and cat or kitten would love to live in it

Anne Farmer 3 years ago

wow, loads of great cat items in this list

Hope McMahan 3 years ago

cats think they have 9 lives