Ladies and Gentlemen I am new to Shopswell and would love to become active as I can. Does anyone have any recomendations to being an active member?

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create list and write reviews and follow people. I add to a list every time i make a purchase from amazon. helps me stay active 

l1velif3 over 3 years ago

Follow me and I will follow you back x

Sign up for their rewards program. Create helpful shopping list, Share them on various social media platforms to be known, Write reviews, Comment on other's peoples list actively which are of your interest, Follow people, shop through shopwell and if you can spare some extra time you can even write articles about various products.. Hope this helps. 

I'm a single mom to a 10 yr old boy. I love getting out and trying new things.

Make list, write reviews, share share share on every site possible. 

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