Is it to early to start Christmas shopping?

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I love to find great online deals

I don't think it is ever too early. 

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I am one that starts as early as possible. I have already almost finished getting my adult son and daughter's Christmas gifts, working on my list of a few friends, have several gifts for my grandsons already as well. No, to answer your question is is never too early to start Christmas shopping. With today's prices and the economy the way it is, you have to start early. By October I am usually done. That way if I have last minute gifts that pop up I have time to get them. I also feel that the closer it gets to Christmas retailers hike the prices up

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at this point I am almost finished, I have about 4 more gifts of 100.00 each to get then stocking stuffers for all of the grands and great grands and then I start on all my Angel Tree kids. Once that is done I will begin on our community food stockings. Then I am done I should be finished by November 1st. So Shopswell is helping me do that now 

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Its NEVER too early. I start the day after Christmas when everything goes on sale! I keep 4 or 5 empty totes and feel them up throughout the year. The only thing I have to buy at the end of the year is my kids big gift and i get it on black friday :)

I'm a Mom and a Grandma and love it. Love shopping

I haven't done anything and I see so many things now maybe I should start

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