Is an iPhone better than a smart Phone ?

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Have a smart Phone but having alot of problems with it wondering if í should switch to a iPhone  anyone 

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This is like asking what is better , apple or fruits...

Before buying something new try to revive you old phone. First thing you can do that could help is perform an hard reset. Go into settings and you can find it there. Be sure to backup everything before because all your files are going to be deleted in the process. See if that helps with your problems. 

Android can be problematic on low end smartphones and I assume yours Sony is just that. Some cheap phone.

If you are not tech savvy iPhone is a great choice although I'm not a big fan of their product because they get outdated quickly and you don't have customization options Android provides.

Heather Naomi 4 years ago

Thank u so much í am going to try and fix my Phone 


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An iPhone is a smartphone. I'd suggest getting an Android (specifically a Samsung or an LG) since they are cheaper and you can do more.

Heather Naomi 4 years ago

Í have a Sony smart Phone  having alot of problems with it my Phone stoped ringing completly my Ringer volume is all the way up my Phone shuts off freezes it will drop a call even when í have plenty bars  very frustraighting 


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