Shopping online can be hard. The choices can be overwhelming. What's the right product for me? Will a product do what I need it to do? What's the best price? It can be overwhelming to browse pages of product reviews and blog articles, when you just want specific feedback on your shopping situation. We created Shopswell Questions to help you get personalized shopping advice directly from the Shopswell community and your friends.

Here's how it works.

Ask a shopping or product-related question. Your question can be about people's experiences with a specific product, which product is right for your situation, or where to get a good deal on something you know you want. Be sure to provide a bit of context in your question description so people can give you the most helpful information.

You can add pictures, videos, or embed product links in your question or in your answers. These can help people understand your particular needs, or help people find the specific products you are looking at or recommending.

Answer a question by providing any helpful information you can. It's often especially helpful to refer someone to a specific product or store. The more specific, the better.

Upvote the answer you think is most helpful or useful. Shopping is such an individual experience, we recognize that there is no one right answer, but we will strive to reward the most helpful ones.

The person asking the question has a special ability to designate one answer as most helpful to them. If you answer a question, your vote automatically goes to your answer. When the question period is over, the most helpful answer is set, but you may still provide answers and comments.

Rewards members will earn rewards for answering questions, and they will earn special rewards bonuses for providing 'most helpful' answers (whether selected by the questioner or voted by the community).

If you have questions about this new feature, the comment section below is the best place to ask them.