Im looking for a new vehicle and it needs to fit three toddler carseats. Any suggestions, Im not really a fan of minivans!

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I have test driven a lot of vehicles over the years and the reason why mini-vans work so well for families with young kids is because of the slding doors which make it super easy for you to "step in" to help with car seats, etc.

That being said, the Mazda CX-9 is my fave SUV for safety and with two rows of seats which would allow more room for your little ones.

Honor Hayes 4 years ago

Thank you I will check it out! We have a tahoe right now and I love it but its getting kind of old and I'm just not sure whats out there anymore!


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We have a Nissan Armada. Seats 8. We have 6 in our family. 2 car seats. Fits us great. We love it. Have had it 3 years and no problems. 

Honor Hayes 4 years ago

Thank you i will take a look!


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