I recently visited a CPS tech (child passenger safety) and learned about car-seats and child safety. How many of you have ever scheduled a "car seat check" to make sure you have your child properly restrained ?

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@Jessica Taylor  I am glad you decided to do this, I was certified in the classes a few years back to help teach how to properly help the parents and teach about the car seats. I had a friend who lost a child to the incorrect car seat arrangement. It was horrible and we wanted to do something to help our community. It was a great class to take. Please encourage all those who have children to go to the state trooper station to have it checked out, They are very happy to help you properly restrain your child. Great Job @mommaslittlerev 

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great that you all have taken a stand my sons are policemen and when he sees a child out of the car seats he will stop the car right away

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we took ours to the state police department about a week before our due date and had them put it in correctly and then again when we were upgrading.  fire depts adn police around here do safety checks all teh time for ppl

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Great Idea I have set my daughter and her fiancée up for this class because they are expecting their first child in Sept. Thank you for bringing awareness

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