I need an alternative to sugar. What can I get that is not chemical and is safe?

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I'm sorry if this question was asked before.  I just saw where they think Splenda causes leukemia and cancers in mice after long term use.  This is the sweetener that I have been using for a couple years in my hot tea.  I don't use Equal or Sweet N Low, because I didn't like what they were made from.  I thought Splenda was better, because it was made from sugar.  I don't want the extra calories because I drink too much tea to put sugar in every cup.  I don't like hot tea without sweetener.  So either I quit drinking hot tea, or somehow get used to it without sweetener. Help!

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Stevia is great and natural because it is made from a plant

Jodi Hess over 3 years ago

I go to the doctors in 2 weeks for annual checkup to get my asthma meds.  I am going to ask her what she thinks.


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Jodi Hess over 3 years ago


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Have you tried honey? That's what my dad uses.

Jodi Hess over 3 years ago

Honey, from what I read, is slightly more healthy than sugar, because it is still sugar, just a different form.  Would still have calories

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Honey! It's the best and most natural alternative to sugar you can get! I use it on everything!!

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Stevia i,think

Jodi Hess over 3 years ago

I was going to look into it. 


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You can try Agave nectar it's natural 

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