I'm thinking about making my daughter's baby food, what are the best products out there for this? What do I need to get started?

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I just used my ninja blender to puree all kinds of things for my daughter. I feel like it saved money as opposed to buying a separate "baby blender". I did buy these little storage containers though and loved them! They stack nice in the freezer too. I also used ice cube trays to freeze individual portions.

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Cierra Farnsworth over 3 years ago

are those baby food containers big enough to fit an ice cube in? I was thinking about ordering those as well! I'm going to make my daughters baby food and I'm looking for containers to fit baby food in!

lisa1205 over 3 years ago

Yes they are big enough to fit an ice cube in

lisa1205 over 3 years ago

They can probably hold 2 ice cubesz


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Get you a baby bullet, it comes with the blender and all the stuff to get you started. Even a food guide. I have one and I love it.

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