I'm searching for unique coffee tables and end tables priced $50 and under. Any suggestions?

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Okay, I am going to show you something that is totally out  of the price range you suggested, but I have iti and it is so much more than and coffee table and I love it. I (I probably should do a review on it) Anyway check it out, coffee table, tv tray, storage all in one and beautiful.

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A few options.

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 We have this one! It is a little more expensive but we absolutely love it! We get complimented on it almost any time we have someone new over.

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Have you tried consignment stores they have cheap things sometimes 

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I would definitely check out local thrift stores and antique shops . Good luck 

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Good reccommendation. I'm buying a suitable table pixel gun 3d 

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Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic blog post. Thanks Again

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