I have been doing everything I can to get rewarded and yet to even get a penny why? I applied for the reward program

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I have applied for the reward program and I am wasting my time and not even gotten a penny yet why? I just got approved May 30th

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Mine took a dew days in order for me to get approved.  Once I got approved, it was another day or so before I started seeing any earnings. I have read that they only update once per day.  I am not sure how long you have been waiting, but I hope this helps a little bit :)

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This is what I do. I ask as mAny questions that I can that day. If people comment on my things I will comment back. 

When other people ask questions I answer them the best that I can . And if people answer their questions I comment on them. 

I do reviews of some of my favorite products. And get others to read them. 

I also post lIst of some of my favorite things, but make it count cUse u want others to read whT u post. 

The more u do the more u will make 


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You can do few things to earn - write helpful and informative articles, create helpful shopping lists, write product reviews and answer community questions. Make sure your share all of your composition and lists on every possible social media platform more the better ... Follow people get followers. Comment on people's list with suggestions if needed .. These are the ways you get known and this helps to boost ur earnings. The more the quality of your content .. More likely you are to earn reads and views to get you earnings ... All the best X 

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I just checked your lists ... You need to have minimum 10 items in each list to begin with 

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Hi @kathy_baccus as I go to your profile I see you only have 2 followers  myself and one other, go follow/connect with people that have articles you find interesting, go read articles, reviews, lists and comment on them. Make friends, interact, Asking and answering questions are just a part of earning but finding items and writing and listing are a big part of earning as well, share on media  make face book friends as well so you can find your friends who are interested in what you share on your media. So friend them as well. Enjoy your road trip here on shopswell and window shop. But share share share  and reading and writing make sure you comment. Good luck and have lots of fun

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