I have been going to the gym for last 4 months. My muscles are getting thinner than before. What should I take, protein or nutrition, and which products are best?

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I too started working out (crossfit) about 4 months, and just about a month ago I started to feel a lack of nutrition as well.  The trick for me was to drink 1-2 litres of water, eat more protein (especially after working out), and eating a number of small snacks when I was hungry rather than meals.

As for what I eat, after a workout I will have a 2 scoop whey protein shake, blended with a banana and a dollop of orange juice concentrate.  Followed by my lunch and an afternoon snack of pineapple and cottage cheese.

 An hour or more before I snack on edamame, crackers and a protein bar.

In my water bottle I have my own blend of (1 scoup) Poweraide, matcha ( 1 tsp) and water (750ml), which works well for restoring electrolytes and giving me an long lasting energy boost for the workout.

I am still working on the balance, but this is what is working for me so far.  I hope this helps.

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these are one of the best supplements My husband personally use Powder Sports Drink  I really like the custom packaging of this product. from then I always use my own custom printed boxes and for this I use customdeluxeboxes.com as this is one of the leading printing firm in USA and their quality is impressive. 


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Everything  Michael suggested looks great and it will help you although I wouldn't use soy myself but that's just my personal taste.

Download myfitnesspal on your phone and track everything! You want to grow so you need  a lot of calories coming from high protein diet. There shouldn't be one day when you are under the calorie limit . 

App is very simple and you will love it.

Good luck with bulking up!

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