I am trying to quit smoking, what kind of products can I get to help?

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I'm trying to quit smoking but I'm struggling to get off them. What kind of stuff can I find or use to help me with that, but isn't as expensive as the patches or gum?

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Try an e cigarette. That's what hel[ed me

Kim Plummer 3 years ago

Thank you! I'll check into those. 


Mimaw of Twins! I love my boys....

I quit almost a year ago with the help of Vaping.  My husband just bought me this one for my birthday, but I have been using the Subox Mini for the year.  My daughter prefers the pen style which is bottom one.  It really takes the edge of craving because I am still getting some nicotine, although most E-Juice doesn't have nicotine.  It isn't smoke so it does not have that disgusting smoke stench. I never thought I would quit but I have and I am happier for it! I guess I chose the lesser of 2 evils, but after you buy the Vape you want, you will save a lot of money,  the juice is so much cheaper than cigarettes, especially if you are a heavy smoker of premium name brand ciggs. Good luck with quitting.

Kim Plummer 3 years ago

Thank you!



Nicotine gum or lozenges helped me

Kim Plummer 3 years ago

Thank you!


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