How would you accessorize a dining room with a distressed gray table and teal chairs? One accent wall will feature horizontal black and white stripes, the other walls will be an airy gray.

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I would say try to work some teal accents around the room, a teal vase with flowers or some teal shelves to display things on

Randi Fountain 3 years ago

Lovely thank you! What about adding hints of red and maybe fuschia, golden yellow?

Kyla Mikesell 3 years ago

To me I think red would look a little funny, I do think fushia would look good and a golden yellow would look good too

Sondra 3 years ago

I love the idea of adding bold colors for contrast, but perhaps mauve or something closer to gold would stand out and make a great statement.


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If it was me I would play up on the teal accent, too!

I love the idea of a bold dining room rug like this lovely from Target:

 You could also add a pop of color in your dining room chairs:

However, you don't necessarily need to "go big" to make a color statement. Just take a peek at these teal napkins:

I am also totally crushing on these candle holders from H&M. They're a cheap, chic way to tie your accent color in!

 Thanks for the shout-out, Mike, and happy decorating @randi_fountain !

Randi Fountain 3 years ago

Thank you all SO MUCH!! My chairs are going to be a distressed teal and the table is a distressed gray, so the brighter pops of teal will definitely be great along with other bold colors!!!


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I love this question! I put together a fun list of black & white decor: 

If you search the site by color for home decor, you'll find some great collections from the community. Good luck!

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I would add some silver metallic accents. A fun chander, candle stick holders and maybe silver or mirrored chargers depending only the color of your plates. I love some of the brighter teal accents that others have suggested but I wouldn't personally add more colors as you'd start to take away from the statement pieces you already have. 

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I think teal with a few black pieces to make the gray and teal pop would look nice 

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Sounds lovely!! I think a pop of bright yellow would be pretty.

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I would be hitting the flea markets this summer and finding some nice beautiful old dishes to hang on the wall and maybe a distressed cabinet to go with it  ..... add in a few teal accents and maybe balance it out with some red or blues and silver would be nice against the grey 

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I would include some silver metallic accents. A fun Chander, candle holders and perhaps silver or Essay Help Online reflected chargers depending just the shade of your plates.

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