How much do you spend to get your hair done (cut/color/washed) How much is too much?

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I have recently spent what I thought was a lot of money on getting my hair done (155.00). Being a thrifty person I start to think wow... that is a lot of money. That could have gone to quite a few other things. So how much do you spend and how much do you think is too much to spend on hair? 

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Lol I am too cheap ...never gone more than $30 with tip 😂😂😂. I feel that's too much too ... The most expensive was £45 in London ... Not sure how much that is in dollars!! 

vickie over 3 years ago

16 for a haircut,  not even washed or colored


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Maybe about 30-50$ at most :D It's still expensive to me so we are learning to cut our own hair instead of going to the barber.

cheri_renae over 3 years ago

I have seriously considered doing this myself. I only get my hair done about once a year, because it's so expensive. 

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I usually spend $20-$30 with tip included, but I also don't get my hair colored and I know that can add up a significant amount. The most I've spent was earlier this year at a "fancier" salon and that was around $45 with tip. I've been keeping my hair very short now though and just get it trimmed at home so that saves a lot of money, that way I don't need to spend $20+ every few months to get it trimmed.

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I have been using the same gal for years and usually get the whole package for about 70 after tip. 

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I honestly only spend 25 on the hair cut and 10 for a tip. I color my hair at home.

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My daughter went to beauty college so now she just does mine. I honestly have never had it done anywhere else because it's just so expensive/

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