How many loads of Laundry per week do you do - what brand detergent?

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Stay home mom of 6 awesome kiddos.

I do 8-10 loads a week. We have 8 people (6 kids, me husband). It would be a whole lot more but thankfully my husbands job provides uniforms and washing of them. We use purex or all free and clear when I catch it on sale.

I do about 7 loads a week and I make my own detergent!! 😊

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Mom of 6 kids! 5 ages 11 to 20 and a surprise baby, 12 months old!

I do at least 14, probably more most weeks. I have 6 kids including baby, plus my husband and me.  I use Purex free and clear right now because my baby is sensitive to everything with fragrances and that is the cheapest kind that actually works.

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4 loads during the summer ... 5 or 6 during the winter and I make my own laundry stuff ..... Its far cheaper then buying it

I hope to have fun here and learn at the same time.

I hate laundry lol.  My kids just came home from camp so I need to wash clothes. I live in an apartment that has a laundry unit but it is very old washers so we go to the laundry mat and use the 60 lb washers. I buy what ever I catch on sale. When I had a washer I would say about 5-6 loads a week. 

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Probably about 7-9 loads maybe more some weeks, we use Arm & Hammer we have sensivite skin and this does well for us plus it is typically a little cheaper than Tide and we use Bounce for the dryer :) 

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Hello Shopswellers' I'm Sharon. Mother of 4 and grandmother of 11. I'm looking forward to gettting to know you all and learning all there is to know about shopswell.


I do 3 sometimes 4 a week ' for just me and hubby. I always use Gain I think it's the best, and love the smell!

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I do about 8 loads a week and every other weeks it goes up to 14 to 15, because all the comforters, blankets and mattress pads get washed on top of everything else.  Sheets get washed every week.

Laundry detergent is either Tide or All

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We do about 20 loads of laundry per week and still have some to catch up on. We have such a big family that laundry is never ending

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too much!  I probably do a couple of loads of laundry a day, if not more!  It feels like the washer/dryer & dishwasher is going all day every day! and there are only 3 adults & 2 children here, and most days, we are not home at all during the day!

we must have little visitors who come out to play when we are not home! :)

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I do at least 5 loads and I use tide

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