How does this site work?

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This is my first time using this site. I don't have a

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Here's a link that outlines the rewards program:

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all you have to do is sign up for the rewards program After you are accepted to it make lists (Of anything, i have a bathbomb one, harry potter, and baby list just to name a few) and share them, Answer questions and do reviews (ive basically reviewed the baby toys i have lol), and articles. The more people who look and comment on your lists the better. basically you get paid for having more eyes on everything you do and with sharing lists it brings people to the site. Just being really active on the site helps you get paid.

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First of all, sign up for the rewards program. If you get approved, then you can earn some money via gift card or check when you create and share your lists, articles, reviews or when you ask and answer questions from the community.

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