how do I write reviews for products on shopswell

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Hi everyone! I am still really new, and I am just wondering how to navigate to write reviews on shopswell?! Thanks!

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I have found the easiest way for me to write a review is to go the the search bar above and type in the product. When you hit enter look through the pictures until you find the product you are looking for, click on that picture and the next screen that pops up you will see "Write a review" or "Be the First to write a review"  once you're finished writing it click the publish button on the top. 

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Click on the product you like and it will show you an option to write a review x


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Apparently you can only either add the product you want to review to a list and then write the review up that way, or you can click on your name, then choose "Compose" from the dropdown menu, then pick the first box and choose "Reviews" from the dropdown, then click on "Compose Article". 

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The item has to be on Shopswell before you can write a review, but it's easy enough to add if it's not already here. I usually go to Amazon to locate the item, then come to Shopswell with the URL and click on "list a product." If it comes up, it was already on here and you can click on the item and write your review. Otherwise you do have to add it to a list first. Also, I learned from a friend that you cannot copy & paste your own review that you had previously written for Amazon (or anywhere, I assume) and add it to Shopswell. It has to be a UNIQUE review here. Hope that helps.

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I don't know if it is that difficult to write a review for me .. I just click on the product I have used and there it shows me a button saying be the first one to write a review works ur write review button and I click and type simple 😁

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