How can i earn better?

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I am still stuck at .99 cents this month. Please tell me how to earn better. i have list and I follow. What more I can do?

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Write engaging content  and create helpful shopping lists with atleast 10 items in each .. Share them on every possible social media platform to promote them .. Follow people get followers ... Answer community questions ... Ask questions when in doubt ... Basically be known and social on shopwell ... So that more people will visit your profile and content getting you earnings ... For more details here is the link for rewards program below: 

Follow me, I follow back.

Have you tried answering a ton of questions, making list, and advertising your list on fb? I find the more I advertise my list and answer questions, the more I earn.

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@kavya_gill You need to socialize in the community. Do articles, make list, do reviews on products you know about, answer questions and put product and videos, ask questions. Share yours and others products on social media and follow others in the community. Shop and make comment on others article,review,and list. You get points for all of these steps. You need to get comments and reads on your articles, reviews and list so make them interesting to draw a community member to your items.

I hope this will help. Good luck.

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Answer Questions, make lists  and be patient ... I was hardly on yesterday at all ( between animal chores / garden chores and house chores some days i'm just to busy )  and i gained over 10.00 ...

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Answer and ask lots of questions.

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