Have you done your THW Survey?

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Have you done your THW Survey yet? This survey lets them know what video ads you will want to watch and what would be best to pair you with. I personally checked all the boxes at the end just because I wanted to be able to pick between all the videos.

 You only get to view 10 hours worth per week and who knows there might not be that many in the beginning. If there is more then great, I will be able to pick the highest paying ones!   

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In the next 8 days if you haven't taken that survey that took me like maybe 60-90 seconds, you wont be able to get into your back office. In the next 2-3 days the FAQ and Updates tab will be updated and we can get a good idea on what is going on.  

If you are in my team, or maybe under someone who is in my team, I will have a Facebook group setup just for THW. Updates, Payment Proof, and all other things THW will be posted there for all team members and anyone new who joins our team.   

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What is THW

The Money Team over 3 years ago

It's a brand new website to watch video ads for money. The website owner is expecting to pay up to $25 per hour worth of videos watched and is wanting to give us up to 10 hours a week of them.

Right now you can just signup and complete the survey and in a few days the update is going to come when they add in the videos for us to watch. 


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yes done mine  :)

The Money Team over 3 years ago

Thanks :)

You can also join our Facebook group if you want.


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