Can you help me find some good swimsuits for plus size women?

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member since nov 2015 has a nice selection of plus size swim suit. Are you can check your local stores. I hope this helps.

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Mary Murch 3 years ago

I was checking into the second one for my daughter she wears a 3 x she loves it  great choice

Molly Gaston over 2 years ago

Adore Me has super cute plus size swim suits, lingerie and workout gear! Your first order is 19.95 with free shipping (you have to order within an hour of making your account to receive the deal)! Every friend that you invite, you will get $15 credited to you when they order. I just got my first set from them and its amazing quality & shipped super fast! 

lindarose11 1 month ago

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Try V.I.P. ME they actually offer cute and more up to date ones that definitely are not your old ugly flower, polka dot, etc... ones like walmart sells for plus sized women much like myself. Also right now VIP me has sail on there swimsuits right now and a killer shipping option too. You also might want to try amazon. Here if a few examples of what they offer 

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Adrienne Pryde 3 years ago

This is super cute!

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Therese Campbell replied to 3 years ago
Adrienne Pryde

This is super cute!

@adrienne_pryde I think so too!

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i work from home with a shopping service love it

This one is so cute and  and great price:
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I recently made a list of swimsuits. I am plus size and am very self conscious about showing to much stomach and my thighs.

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I really love this stylish ones -- it is in my list of favs too @tinabelcher x

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I just bought a swim suit .

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 Amazon is a great website to find a lot of nice items at good prices! I hope you find a bathing suit you will like but heres a recommendation that would look great at the beach or the pool!

i like the style and colars in this one


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Here you can find the search result for " plus size swimwear" on amazon

I personally do not like a two piece and I am plus size. Plus I need sun protection so here is a search result for  " plus size swim cover ups"

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I have seen a few cute ones on Amazon. I am so happy that there are more options now for different sizes of women. 

Sarah 3 years ago

I really like this one


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For me - the more coverage the better... getting old and always been big - short and wide... LOL but I do like pretty things.

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 I really like this one. It was in sizes up to 26.

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I love to check out they tend to keep up with the new trends and have a big selection to choose from.

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Look on wwish. com they have some that are cheap and very pretty and also try sammy

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You will never go wrong with a Twist-Front Crochet Tummy Control Swimdress. I have been using this style since last summer because it works in hiding my extra rolls. LOL :)

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At the willow grove mall they have a really nice plus size store

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