Since launching Shopswell over a year ago, we have watched eagerly as members continue to help others within our shopping community. Today, we are excited to share yet another way in which we are rewarding our most helpful users.

Fairy Godmother Rewards were sprinkled into inboxes yesterday for several individuals who have stood out to us over the last month. From those creating great articles to those who share content from our site elsewhere (Pinterest, Flipboard, Facebook, Twitter, etc), we are grateful to everyone who has truly stepped up to make Shopswell a better place for all users.

Here are just a few of our awesome community members who have found a little bonus in their inbox this week.

Kelsey continues to create great content on the site, from fashion trends and collections that keep certain members of our staff drooling, to providing answers to questions that help the community make better buying decisions.

Debi has been a Shopswell member since the very beginning and we continue to be inspired by her great taste and the unique products she shares with her fun lists.

Brandy writes great product reviews, giving us some insight into not only some amazing items to add to our shopping lists, but giving us a peek into her personality as well. I mean, she’s even added a great video to her review of a robotic bartender.

Our Moderators have taken on the task of marking questions as Off Topic if they don’t apply to a particular product or shopping-related question, adding relevant tags to content from the community, as well as editing minor typos and grammar issues as they come across them.

The following Moderators have gone above and beyond during the first few weeks of the program.  








We appreciate all of the moderators who have taken the time to make improvements to the site. We are working hard to create a true community where you will discover all the online shopping advice and inspiration you'll ever need. We couldn't do it without you.