We've absolutely been blown away by the response so far to the Shop. Share. Win. Program. The community has responded extremely positively and has been doing amazing things to make Shopswell better and more helpful for all of us. We've also gotten some really tremendous and helpful feedback and we've been hard at work implementing as much of it as possible to improve the experience for everyone. So, we're announcing a few more enhancements that will go into effect after the current period is over on Dec 15th.

Shop. Share. Win. Becomes 'Shopswell Rewards'

First, we are renaming the program simply to 'Shopswell Rewards'. We just think this is a simpler and more accurate representation of the program. We're very proud of the fact that we're committed to giving back and rewarding the members of the community who really help build it.

General Improvements

We are also making several more basic improvements to how rewards work and how they are earned. Most importantly, starting next week rewards will be booked daily. Right now, earnings are booked on a weekly basis and members are shown their 'projected earnings'. This is confusing since projected earnings may fluctuate dramatically, especially at the beginning of a week. With the new release, rewards will be calculated nightly, then booked. Rewards you earn will not go away or go down or disappear. What you earn is what you earn.

Speaking of what you earn, we will also improve the program dashboard to help users see what they've earned in the past, and when rewards have been or will be processed. This will help folks understand much more clearly what was earned when and when they can expect to receive it.

We're also working very hard on improving our program documentation, FAQs, etc. Everyone's feedback has been very helpful in helping us clarify things better and clear up common misunderstandings. These will go live next week as well.

Finally, Thanks!!!

Finally, a HUGE thank you to the entire Shopswell Community, and especially those of you who have spent your time and energy participating in the rewards program. By inviting new members, creating great lists, discovering, adding and sharing cool products, and leaving great comments and reviews, you have all made Shopswell a better and more helpful place. Because the community has continued to grow and thrive with your efforts, we are increasing the rewards pool to $10,500 for January 2016. So, our sincere thanks for your efforts and your patience and understanding as we keep improving the program for everyone.