Do you remember the very first song you bought?

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I'm sitting here listening to my Ipod and a song comes on.  It was the very first song I bought on a 45.  Do you remember those?  It was a popular movie, and I think book.  It was from the movie Sooner or Later, about Jessie and Michael.  Do you remember?  The song was "You take my breath away"

Look it up on YouTube

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This was the very first record I bought. 

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Mary Murch over 3 years ago

I think that was one of my first too it was popular 

BETSYSGOLD replied to over 3 years ago
Mary Murch

I think that was one of my first too it was popular 

@mary_murch Yes it was back than. I still love it,

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i work from home with a shopping service love it

when i was a teenager always love motown (wow showing my age) here is one of the greatest albums of motown:

Cherokee over 3 years ago

When I was little mom and dad played this, and honestly I remember it mainly from the California raisins! We had the figurines even :)

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maryanno over 3 years ago

@crunklilangel  one of my best alums still have it


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I never bought a 45, but the first album I ever bought was the soundtrack to the Lion King when I was in 6th grade and had my first CD player.

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The first album I got was then I was in highschool. I know took a while, but it was nsyncs first cd they were also my first concert I chose to go to myself. 

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I remember the first ever cd I bought Was Salt-N-Peppa Very Necessary 

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I remember it was a bunch of New Kids On The Block. I Was really into them and I fell in lov ewith the band. It was truly the best and first band besides 98 degrees that i loved.,d.eWE

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Spice Girls! Oh man! I loved them!

Tricia Gray over 3 years ago

Lol, I just watched Spice World yesterday!

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Jackie Bugdanavage over 3 years ago

Oh man!! That's an  all time favorite!!! Frfr 


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Barbie Girl! :p

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Paul abdul and Michael Jackson

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The first CD I ever purchased was by Aaliyah.

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My first cassette that I ever bought was a Simpson's one from the tv show. I was 10 and had gotten my first pink cassette player for my birthday that had a strap that I could carry it around and I thought I was the coolest kid around. 

Jodi Hess over 3 years ago

Haha!  I remember those.


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Leo Sayer  

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