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Yes I did. Any tips on how to get more friends to join? So far I've got three friends to signup out of like 1000 followers

The Money Team over 3 years ago

What I do is make a post about it in an article, about 30-45 minutes later I ask a question like this because the articles you kinda have to drive your own people to see it like sharing it on Facebook, but the questions is different, it shows up in most peoples shopswell feed. I noticed that none of my articles get any traffic unless I send ppl there through these questions. Only other thing is to not over do it, I get a much better signup ratio by keeping it simple like this. The ones that ask any questions about it, I send them to the article that goes much more into about what the site is and how its going to work.

Other than that just keep at it. So far I've got 20 signups and all are from here doing this. Once the videos start in the next 7 days, ppl will have more to do on there, and then once ppl get paid for watching the videos, those ppl will come back here and refer ppl. We have 10 levels that we can refer ppl so eventually if the site goes as planed, almost everyone here that wants to work a website like this will join and get more ppl to join them and that will make your whole team bigger.

You can earn up to $50 per week for your level 1 referrals that you refer, you can earn up to $10 a week for your level 2 - level 4 referrals that join under your level 1 referrals. Every level 4-10 you can earn a extra $1 per week on too. So you can get a very big team from referring ppl early like this.

The Money Team over 3 years ago

One other thing you can do that I haven't done yet is use the shopswell bot to tag ppl and that basically sends them a message to their wall.

So type in something like this into the shopswell bot:
@brittany_thompson check this out: http://www.teamfreemoney.thwglobal.com/  

Just check your own wall to see who is online and has made some kind of post on shopswell in the last 30 minutes. Do that a few times and eventually you will find one who joins. Sending them straight to the signup page is another good way. Some ppl just open the link, look at the page for a few seconds and leave, send them to the signup page and more will signup. Hover over my link and see it actually has more to it on the end.


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