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I am wanting to do a youtube channel mostly focusing on makeup, skincare, and weightloss. However, I am not a professional makeup artist and can't do that fancy stuff like most of the makeup youtube people. Do you think it would still be worth it to create a channel? 

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If you have a lot of time in your day or even at least being able to make videos often it would be great to hear new ideas from people but you always have to remember there are all of people doing the same thing as you so you have to make your self unique and try to bring out your channel to the public in any way through fb, Twitter, Instagram whatever social media you have .  Even on shopswell, if I were to see a link posted I would have defiantly subscribed to you and if your camera is good quality that's a bonus here's a few extra things that would be neat to make videos with.

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Maybe try do something creative. I have no idea about makeup but you say you are not pro at it.

Than try this! Make a channel about makeup for regular people (affordable make up tips ). You could maybe get some audience in that niche because I assume most people that do makeup there use professional expensive stuff.

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