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Christmas gift ideas for a baby?

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I know it's only June.. I like to do my shopping early. My nephew will be 9 months old by Christmas.. What should I get him? I know he won't really remember or know what's going on, but I still have to get him something. What toys did/does your child love at 9 months? Links are helpful! 

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Stay home mom of 6 awesome kiddos.

 These are 2 my babies had fun with.
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Therese Campbell over 3 years ago

We already have an activity table for when he gets older. My other nephew had the musical ball when he was younger. I completely forgot about it. Thank you!!

sylviahol80 over 1 year ago

the laugh and learn would really be a great gift for him 

sylviahol80 over 1 year ago

have you thought about a light and sound play matt


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Heres you a variety of stuff for babies I hope it helps

juliarobert 11 months ago

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jasonroy 11 months ago

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pure_melda2019 8 months ago

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It all depends on what stage of development they're in :) a toy encouraging walking, crawling, first stages of learning, bedtime help or outdoor toys are all great options.

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I highly recommend the Fisher Price bright beats toy. It's an excellent multistage toy and it's lots of fun! My 9 month old loves it and he learned to stand on his own with the toy. 

dorcasmelda 4 months ago

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My 8 month old is loving this jumper. Anything that makes flashy lights and noises. I know its not ideal for the parents, but baby will love it. anything that helps development by pushing buttons and grabbing. Books mom and dad can read to baby like

love the bears idea, you could also go to build a bear and personalize and make your own! 

dorcasmelda 4 months ago

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board books,  stuffed animals, educational or learning toys, clothes, toys for helping them with balance,walking, ride on toys

wibaz over 1 year ago

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Mommy to a little boy 😘

My son loves his toy cars and his soft football! 

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I absolutely loved these as a child!!

I <3 Shopswell


These are so awesome 

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my niece loved stuff that made music

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Not sure why I didn't see this question earlier - here's my collection for a first Christmas.

Stay at home mom and disabled I like to spend time on my computer and shop

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Anything bright and colorful. Maybe something that helps them aid in crawling. Can never go wrong with books for them for a few months down the road. 

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I Love my Family & my Little Life inside Hillsboro Ohio

Kyra Brown over 3 years ago

My Son has the Octoplush and he Loves all the sounds that it makes. we have to take it with us everywhere we go. we also have an octopus that he loves for bath time but i could find it to insert it. Its Like $7 bucks on AMAZON


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all babies love toys that has likes and sounds something like a play matt

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If you do want to do something how about a small token gift and put the rest of what you were going to spend into a savings account. Add to the savings account every birthday, Christmas etc then when he's 18 or whenever he'll have enough to get something nice.  

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You can get him a teddy bear.

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Take your baby to an event. Something interactive and age-appropriate may actually imbed a memory. Let him have an experience not a toy.

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