Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice based on the idea that our environment is an indication of the energy within us. If you think arranging your desk according to an aged Chinese tradition is too trendy for you, think again.

Feng shui masters believe objects in a room affect the flow of chi (life force or energy) within a space. When positive chi is flowing, the result is constructive energy. Since the nine-to-five grind is a large part of our lives it’s essential that our desk is giving off the right vibes. Ready to tap into this positive energy and send out some good vibes (promotion, anyone?) at work? Let’s get started.

Feng Shui Your Desk

Before you become a feng shui master you need to familiarize yourself with a bagua map. Imagine the bagua map is laid out on the top of your desk. The spots on the map (different colors) represent the themes in our daily lives. To increase positive energy in your environment, choose areas in your life that could use a boost and orient your desk accordingly.

  1. Wealth & Prosperity. The back left of your desk represents prosperity. Think money and abundance (who doesn’t want more of that, right?). This is a great place for a valuable item or gold decor. We vote for a  Kate Spade desk set or these fabulous gold planters.

  2. Fame & Reputation. On the top center of the bagua map you will find the space for fame. Place business cards, or a nameplate here. Want to keep it fun? How about a Girl Boss nameplate? This is also a great place to show-off your accomplishments (think: a photo of your first marathon, or a framed diploma).

  3. Love & Relationships. The back of right of your desk is the perfect location to feature the loves of your life. A family photo or a shot of your wedding day is a great fit here. You could also use this gorgeous candle as a visual reminder of what true love really is.  

  4. Family. These last two placements on the map overlap a bit in everyday life, and that’s OK. Even if it’s a bit of a cliche’, the left center of your desk is a prime location for a framed family photo.

  5. Health. We all know that sitting at a desk is not great for your health but you can still promote mental health while working. One of best ways to do this is to avoid clutter, especially in the center of your desk. Leaving this area clutter-free will allow your mind to rest while working.

  6. Creativity. This is my favorite spot on the bagua map. It doesn’t take much to get me jazzed up about the idea of creating something awesome. I keep this journal on my desk. It allows for a mid-day journal entry (a great creative outlet!) and also provides a visual reminder that everyday I want to “kill it” at my job. These chic #hustle pencils don’t hurt, either.

  7. Wisdom & Knowledge. Want to be wise beyond your years? Place a reference book or smarten up your spot with this Einstein paperweight.

  8. Career. Front and center is career motivation - definitely appropriate for a desk. Motivational quotes work great here. We suggest letting this motivational mousepad share the space with your keyboard.
  9. Travel & Helpful People. The front right of your desk is a good spot to put a phone or an address book (do people use those anymore?). This area also represents travel, so a photo of a dream destination would work well here.

Still feel a bit lost? No worries, these feng shui how-to books will help you get started. You can also find all of the fabulous decor to feng shui your desk in this collection, where chi meets chic.