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Grand Theft Auto V - Playstation 3 Review
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review by cuga55
This is my favorite game ever really. It has open world and so much things you can do. I always liked Grand Theft Auto series but this latest edition is best one ever. Hours and hours of fun. If yo...
Minecraft - Xbox 360 Review
review by Annie White
I have to say I absolutely love this game it brings out the creativity within me, and all who play it. I love how the maps are free range and you can have a different style of map with every game y...
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Grand Theft Auto V - PlayStation 4 Review
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review by PurpleLover
I've had this game since the first day it came out, and I've been playing it with my husband ever since. You can hardly get bored on here because it's always something to do. They always have updat...
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Xbox One Review
review by andryaaaaa
The Xbox one is a great gaming console, so many different genre of games to choose from. The Xbox one does more then just letting you experience game play, it offers Internet browsing, Netflix stre...
New Nintendo 3DS XL - Black Review
review by Patricia Balser
 New Nintendo 3DS XL - BlackNintendo has been out for years, we have an really old one. When pac-man and frogger were popular.  These are a nice game to play by yourself or with someone else. This ...
New Nintendo 3DS XL - Black Review
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review by Mary Murch
New Ninetendo 3ds xl BlackMy sixteen year old daughter has had each Nintendo that came to market, when the New Nintendo 3 DS XL came out I didn't think she would play it often with all of her elect...
Super Smash Bros. - Nintendo Wii U Review
review by Delancy Stephens
Frenetic chaos! Sometimes a girls just wants to mindlessly punch, shoot, smash, chomp and kick ass too.  This is honestly a silly game that let's me and my posse sit and punch away while we sit, ta...
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Video games - when I was a kid!
article by andryaaaaa
Oh boy,  how the times change and how things evolve. I remember unboxing my first Nintendo over 26 years ago, and oh man it was the coolest thing ever. Now days kids think it a dinosaur, like I tho...
E3 is coming! Get ready!
article by Tene Smith-Bey
 Ever since I watched E3 via livestream last year, I've  been extremely anxious to find out more about the new game releases. With this much excitement you can't help but feel some sort of anixety ...
Xbox One Play and Charge Kit Review
review by Jessy C
Though your Xbox One controller runs on AA batteries and includes one pair of them, it's so much nicer to have the Play and Charge Kit rather than burning through costly AA batteries. Even recharge...
article by luckyducky
Love this game!
article by luckyducky
I got the new wii for the xmas and it is awesome. Favorite games below.

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