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Crayola Create 2 Destroy Dino Destruction Metropolitan Mayhem Review
review by Brandy
We just got back from my physical therapy appointment. My son did such a good job today I let him pick out a toy. His limit was $5.00. He suggested we go to the 99 cent store. (No DNA test needed, ...
Yellow submarine lego set
The Beatles' Yellow Submarine LEGO Idea Becomes Reality
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article by Lea
I've never heard of the LEGO ideas catalog until today when all the world is abuzz about the upcoming LEGO project starring none other than The Beatles and their Yellow Submarine. How amazing is th...
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Best Board Games for Couples
article by happyhealthyhip
My husband and I look forward to Date Night, but finding a babysitter can be challenging, and expensive, so oftentimes we'll have a quiet night at home after the boys are in bed, just the two of us...
Guess Who Game Review
review by Nicole Dake
In "Guess Who" each player chooses a character, and the other has to guess.  The newest edition doesn't just have faces, but animals, people with blue hair, and much more.  My daughter an...
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First Games for Young Kids
article by happyhealthyhip
We love family game night, but younger kids can't always participate in the games that require reading and more strategy. Here are some of the first card games, puzzles and board games we have for ...
HedBanz Game - Edition may vary Review
review by Nicole Dake
We were first introduced to this game when we saw the characters on iCarly playing this in one of the episodes.  The players each wear a headband with a card, and have to guess what they are 20-que...
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
article by Sondra
Our son is obsessed with anything with an engine...these are just a few of the toys he's asked for as we stroll through the toy section at the store. He asks me to take pictures with my phone of th...
Twister Game Review
review by Nicole Dake
This classic game is one that is fun for people of all ages.  It is fun to spin the wheel to see where you have to put your hands and feet, and see which one of your friends can twist themselves in...
1313 Dead End Drive - Board Game Review
review by Nicole Dake
This game is a mystery game, to see which player can win an inheritance and escape from the mansion without being trapped by the other players.  We play this game quite a bit for our family game ni...
Scrabble Classic Crossword New Game Review
review by Johnny Boy
Everyone know this game. You either hate it or you love it. I love it. It's one of those games when you need to use your mind and wit but it's still not so "brain consuming" as chess or g...
Webkinz Lamb Review
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review by Autumn Handy
I bought on of these for the nieces Easter basket and she adores it !!   Its adorable and fluffy and she instantly had her brother logging into her webkinz account to get her new lamb in her game. ...
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Crazy Cool Beds for Kids
article by happyhealthyhip
Man, I would have loved to have a super special spaceship bed, or any one of these, when I was little.                          
Webkinz Velvety Elephant Review
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review by Autumn Handy
We bought 3 of these...One for the grandbaby, the neices new baby and one the niece who was living with us.  All 3 kids loved their elephant and the older one loved that she could get online and wi...
great time making balloon animals
article by Pat
We had such a great time making balloon animals . This is a great kit to learn how to make balloon animals or ever your own ideas. It comes with a pump so no need to blow blow blow the balloons up ...
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Hot Christmas Toys That are on Every Little Boy's Wish List
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article by Autumn Handy
Is it just me, or are boys really just harder to shop for? In our home, I usually take care of the girls and the husband get to figure out the nephew's gifts since I am usually at a total loss, no ...
Fun Family Games
article by Sondra
We love Family Game Night at our house. These are just a few of the games filling up our game closet and many others we love to play when visiting family.   Super fun family game that does not requ...