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Game Day Essentials
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article by Lea
Who are you cheering for? Oh, who cares, as long as the beer is cold and the snack bowl is not empty.                      
Operation Game Review
review by Nicole Dake
Operation is a fun game that helps kids to learn different parts of the body, by having to remove them from the outline of a body.  It is hard to remove the body parts without touching the edges an...
Spirograph Deluxe Design Set Review
review by Nicole Dake
Spirograph is a fun and unique tracing set that allows you to create new patterns using interlocking wheels, that contain different stencil patterns.  Each time you trace a pattern, it allows you t...
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Travel Games
article by happyhealthyhip
We visit family every summer, which means hours spent in the car and airplane. Here are some travel games that keep the kids occupied in the backseat or while we're up in the air.         ...
See it in Action: LEGO Scooby-Doo Haunted Lighthouse Set
article by happyhealthyhip
Our son is obsessed with everything LEGO in our house. He also loves 'scary' things so the Scooby-Doo LEGO sets are his all-time favorites. We've been slowly collecting the sets ever since they wer...
Play doh sweet shoppe
Play-Doh Pretend Play: How to Create Sweet Treats
article by happyhealthyhip
If you have ever spent time with a play-doh set and wondered how in the world it is possible to create the amazingly perfect examples they include on the box, you'll want to spend a bit of time wat...
The Settlers of Catan Review
review by Nicole Dake
Settlers of Catan has become a staple in recent years for anyone who loves to play board games.  And it is not hard to see why, as it is very fun and exciting for people of all ages to play.  Since...
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Shark Week!
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article by Lea
Shark Week first began in 1988 when the Discovery launched a week long series of programming which is now an annual, summer event.                 
Great Tech Gift Ideas Under $25
list by mark
Home & Decor
Tech & Gadgets
Toys & Games
Mobile & Tablets
This review gives us a very cool little list of exciting gift ideas under $25 for people that love gadgets. Jonathan Morrison is a power YouTuber that helps people discover valuable tech products, ...
Top New Toys & Gift Ideas for Girls 2016: All Under $25!
Disney Princess
My Little Pony Equestria Girls
Christmas gifts
Toys & Games
Gift Ideas
What little girl doesn't enjoy playing with dolls? These top new toys of 2016 are probably already on her wishlist for the holiday season. Just take a look at the video to see why the young ladies ...
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Hot Christmas Toys That are on Every Little Boy's Wish List
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article by Autumn Handy
Is it just me, or are boys really just harder to shop for? In our home, I usually take care of the girls and the husband get to figure out the nephew's gifts since I am usually at a total loss, no ...
How to Make Lightsaber Coloring Book Party Favors
list by Sondra
Craft Supplies
coloring books
Star Wars
Party Favors
Arts & Crafts
Toys & Games
I love how easy this looks if you have the proper supplies. I am getting more into arts & crafts as our son gets older and more capable of using things like glue and scissors. He loves tape so ...
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The Must Have Christmas Toy For Kids: Hatchimals!
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article by Autumn Handy
If you have not seen a Hatchimal yet, you soon will. These magical eggs are predicted to be the most sought after toy this Christmas season...and honestly - even I WANT ONE!   These egg-shaped toys...
I think I can
article by Melodie Couture
 This list will open up your child's imagination. Every year  for the past twenty years I would purchase some type of train from Thomas the train to Lionel's train sets for my son each Christmas I ...