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Binge worthy television
6 TV Classics to Binge on This Weekend
article by novsunflower
It's getting colder. The seasons are ch-cha-changing, and when the rain, wind, snow and sleet start up, you'll need to know what to binge on! No, not food. Great television shows that have long sin...
Fringe: September's Notebook
review by happyhealthyhip
This is an "in-world" book meaning that the author is actually a character from the Fringe TV series that aired on Fox up until a few years ago.The book was highly anticipated among the f...
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The: The Complete Seasons (2-Pack) Review
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review by Jackie Bugdanavage
Late Night television wouldn't be right if it didn't include re runs of Fresh Prince Of Bel-Aire. I grew up watching it and have seen every episode at least 50 times. I decideddecided to order seas...
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TV Shows I Grew Up Watching
article by happyhealthyhip
Looking back on these shows from the 90s I used to watch explains quite a bit about my youth. LOL       I always thought Roseanne was a great mom, mostly.             I was ...
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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Is Back On Netflix!
article by Shelby M
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is back for its second season! Season 2 of the Netflix comedy, starring Ellie Kemper (known for her role as Erin on The Office) and created by the hilarious Tina Fey and R...
Continuum: Season 1 Review
review by Nicole Dake
Continuum is one of those "what if" stories that plays with the ideas of time travel and alternate realities.  In the show Kiera, a police office, travels back in time and attempts to thw...
Why You Should Binge on Aeon Flux, The Complete Animated Series This Weekend
review by Rudy Desjardins
Peter Chung's take on dystopian far-future sci-fi, with his own rather distinctive but-obviously-anime-inspired animation style.If you're a sci-i fan who likes animated stuff, whether or not you di...
Must-Binge Television: Broadchurch
review by Stephen H
Broadchurch pulls together a beautiful and believable story together in a British small town. The writing explores the almost normal characters in ways that breathe life, light and fuel curiosity. ...
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Friends: The Complete Series Review
review by Johnny Boy
Everyone watched this. How great would it be to live in New York in huge apartment , work some low paying job and spend most of the time in a coffee shop? Pretty good. Friends was more than a TV sh...
Parks and Recreation: The Complete Series Review
review by Johnny Boy
Everybody who uses Internet at one point heard for Ron Swanson. Did you know he was a character in the show Parks and Recreation.With this show you need to watch season 1, maybe 2 and after that it...
The Office: The Complete Series Review
review by Johnny Boy
Great comedy to watch. Humor is not that stupid and something I like more than anything in the world is that there is no laugh track. I don't like being told when should I laugh. It kills the comed...
Full House: The Complete Series Collection Review
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review by Jackie Bugdanavage
Full house is another one of those 90s shows that everyone has seen. The show is based on 3 girls whose mother passed away. But they live with their dad, the talk show host, their uncle ,the musici...
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch: The Complete Series - Melissa Joan Hart Review
review by Candy Kohl
Yet another amazing show that I watched growing up and still watch today! Sabrina never gets old and I have seen the entire collection more times than I can count. If you are looking for a great ki...
Peanuts: 1970's Collection, Vol. 1 (It's a Mystery Charlie Brown / Play It Again / A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving / It's the Easter Beagle / There's No Time for Love / You're Not Elected) Review
review by Sal Volpe
A nice DVD collection of peanuts classics featuring that beloved Beatle Snoopy. From Thanksgiving to Christmas this DVD will delight generations to come. Snoopy and woodstock, or Lucy and her thera...
How I Met Your Mother: The Complete Series - Alyson Hannigan Review
review by manseoffer
One of the best series of all time :D I have watched it for 4 years now and I still rewatch some episodes. It had brought me to tears as well as made me burst into laugh a lot of times. Definitely ...
Supernatural: Season 2 Review
review by Heather Foret
Supernatural is now my favorite tv show on the cw. Saving people hunting things the family business. i have been watching this show since 2005 when it first started. i have been hooked since the ve...