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Must-Own Movie Soundtracks
article by Sondra
Movies tend to stick with me much longer when the soundtrack is memorable. These are just a few I love to listen to - even if I don't plan to watch the films over and over again.              
Rocky (Original Motion Picture Score) - Bill Conti Review
review by Johnny Boy
Rocky was a great movie and in my opinion there are many reasons why it was such a huge success but music is one of them for sure. Really good uplifting music that could make you run along with Sly...
101 Dalmations - 101 Dalmations Review
review by Kelly Prebish
the  soundtrack for the disney animated classic 101 dalmatians -- currently out of print in the US  the music in this movie was good.  i didn't realize a soundtrack was out there for it.  i may hav...
Glen Campbell I'll Be Me Soundtrack - Glen Campbell
review by Mmow Mmow
Glen Campbell I'll be me Soundtrack Glen Campbell As ALZHEIMERS creeps its way into Glen Campbell's life it devastates his career and family, but he manages with the help of his family, friends and...

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