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Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer With Coconut Oil
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article by meg jean cook
 I really enjoyed the Jergens Wet Skin with Coconut Oil. The Coconut Oil had a light scent that was great and not overpowering like some coconut scents I have used before, and it left my skin feeli...
Beauty Tips: The Correct Way to Layer Products for Oily Skin
article by Marie Nicole
Fall EditionIt’s that time of year again! The season is changing and with it brings the need for a new skin care routine. Dry air, cool breezes, and late night bonfires. All of these things sound s...
Biossance revitalizer 2
The Revitalizer by BIOSSANCE
article by Stacey Cassidy
  I recently was able to get a sample of The Revitalizer by BIOSSANCE. They had something called The Embodied Project going on. I  started using it a few days ago and I can really tell a difference...
Adult beauty cosmetic 1029896
Top 6 Best Skin Care Products Available
article by jadepulman
Skin is a key component of your morning routine. Flawless liner or lipstick can’t make up for patchy, splotchy skin. I would 100% rather go outside with no eyeshadow than go outside with dry, red s...
Skincare Routine: Where to start
article by killerfan
First things firstThere are tons of products that will help you reach your specific skincare goals, and you will probably be tempted to go try them all at once, but that's a really bad idea. First ...
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article by Alison Wagner
What's in it?One of the main ingredients's in the Valentia Clay Mask is Kaolin Clay. This particular clay draws impurities like toxins and oils from the skin and improves your overall skin tone. It...
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Refer friends and get free skincare products
article by kristiemp16
Use this link out the form and submit it. Use your referral code and have your friends sign up.  Earn your first item at once 5 friends sign up. 5 fri...
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Elaj Cream for Eczema
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article by nicky_lamarco
 Elaj Cream for Eczema is what I've been waiting for! It doesn't just stop the itching and burning symptoms; it heals the skin. As long as it's used daily (for me) my skin is as close to normal as ...

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