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Duncan Sheik - Duncan Sheik Review
review by Tramaine Ray
One of my favorite singer/songwriters of all time, Duncan Sheik is a gifted, phenomenal artist. His self-titled album consists of alternative rock and pop songs. I love the way Sheik's voice blends...
Music Review: She & Him - Volume Two
review by happyhealthyhip
This past weekend we attended a family wedding and as the bride and groom had their first dance together out on the dance floor, my mind raced back to when my husband and I first started dating and...
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Must-Own Movie Soundtracks
article by Sondra
Movies tend to stick with me much longer when the soundtrack is memorable. These are just a few I love to listen to - even if I don't plan to watch the films over and over again.              
Nouvelle Vague
review by happyhealthyhip
My husband has introduced me to a lot of great music over the years, Nouvelle Vague being high on the list of artists I listen to on a regular basis. Their music is what you'd expect to be playing ...
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My Current Playlist
article by Sondra
Currently running through my speakers.                                                
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Guys, Don't Get Caught Singing Ariana Grande!
article by mark
Family road-trip, myself, lovely wife riding shotgun, and 2 daughters in the back...we're driving +300 miles together in grandpa's VW Eurovan, all pretense was left on the road many miles ago. Aria...
article by Hope McMahan
Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, and Danny Wood make up New Kids on the Block, a boy band from Boston,  Massachusetts. They formed in 1984.  They have won numerous aw...
Ultimate Sinatra - Frank Sinatra Review
review by Sally Seals
I never get tired of Frank, my grandchildren do though.  I don't think there is any better music than the old music and Sinatra is one of my all time go to music.  I don't think Frank will ever be ...
Alone (2000 Digital Remaster) - Heart Review
review by Hope McMahan
"Alone" is a a song released in 1987 by Heart.  It is the second song on their "Bad Animals" album. Alone is one of my favorite songs by Heart.  Though it is a slow song, it is ...
The Very Best of Kiss - Kiss Review
review by Hope McMahan
If you are looking for a collection of Kiss's best hits then this is it.  It has their best songs on it and after doing some research, it is the best by far compilation and price wise. This Compact...
Happy Birthday Sondra - The Birthday Crew Review
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review by Mary Murch
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONDRA THE BIRTHDAY CREWWith our growing technology no one sends snail mail as they used to. Everything is electronic and done on our computers no days. You are sure to have so many ...
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Best Shots - Pat Benatar Review
review by richelle leffler
I remember riding bikes in the driveway in circles while listening to hit me with your best shot, lol . She has great songs and this was one my favorites very upbeat and fun great to dance around t...
101 Dalmations - 101 Dalmations Review
review by Kelly Prebish
the  soundtrack for the disney animated classic 101 dalmatians -- currently out of print in the US  the music in this movie was good.  i didn't realize a soundtrack was out there for it.  i may hav...
The Best of The Laurie Berkner Band - Laurie Berkner Review
review by Michael Ferguson
One of our kids favorite CDs.  Our youngest (1 year old) for several months, wouldn't be quite in the car at night without "Driving in my car" playing.  Our oldest (3 years) LOVES stompin...
VH1 Presents the Corrs Live in Dublin - CD Review
review by Debi Segal
This live recording is really the essence of modern Celtic music. Their sound is pop-based, but they toss in the traditional instrumental "Trout in the Bath" that gets the crowd clapping ...
2011 topic john legend.jpg
John Legend
article by Lando Blue
Great inspiring artist,. His genre is little hard to decide on but be sure that his music is really something and can bring you hours of enjoyment very easily.  Great live performance by John Legen...