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9 Products Every Fur Mama Totally Needs
article by Tina
Crazy Cat Lady, Fur Mama, Dog Mom, these titles mean one thing: you have a reputation for being more than a little obsessed with your pet. Whether you had an adorable puppy as a kid that sealed the...
Cord Protector - CritterCord - A New Way to Protect Your Pet from Chewing Hazardous Cords
review by happyhealthyhip
Our cat likes to chew things. We learned this the hard way when we discovered she had chewed through my husband's phone charging cord to the point where he could no longer use it.Immediately, I wen...
Cute dog blingify com
BOW WOW CHOW: Foods you can (and can't) share with Man's Best Friend
article by Cody Ragan Emerson
Everytime I sit to eat, one could only guess who's staring up at me? With big round eyes, little tail wagging and sad pout that's so pitiful. Okay, so fur baby is spoiled! Very spoiled, bu...
Food grade diatomaceous earth and a glass
Diatomaceous Earth: Benifits
article by tylerrendon613
Thinking of trying diatomaceous earth for any one of the many health benifites?  I did, and now I have been taking it internally. *After much research. Most people say diatomaceous earth should be ...
article by Sandee Einboden
So for the price you def. get what you paid for. It's soo stinking cute I give them that. I definitely should've paid more attention to the sizes because it's a lot smaller than I anticipated. But ...
Cat Scratch Fever!
review by Sondra
I bought this for our cat who has a habit of scratching up our couch even though we have a scratching post for her in the same room. Immediately, she fell in love with this cardboard contraption. I...
Millions of Cats (Gift Edition) (Picture Puffin Books) - Wanda Gag Review
review by Nicole Dake
Millions of Cats is a Newberry Award winning book, that has become one of our family's favorites.  It is about an old woman who asks her husband to get her a cat, and the craziness that ensues when...
Grumpy Cat
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article by Lea
Is there anybody grumpier than Grumpy Cat? I don't think so.                 
Pet halloween costumes
19 Instagram-Worthy Costumes for Your Cats & Canines
article by happyhealthyhip
Get your camera ready! These costumes for your canine companion or cat are outrageously adorable and perfect for Halloween, if you can get them to sit still long enough to wear them.  I wish I had ...
KONG Air Dog Squeakair Birthday Balls Dog Toy, Medium, Colors Vary (3 Balls) Review
Moderatorbadge bf8adc64bd73576ed12945fe049294a4e796c0a064c9dd1bef3e69fe47e5aaeb
review by Autumn Handy
Our puppy loves these ....We keep on in the house and one outside for yard play and she's always looking for it lol... she can fetch em and then play keep away and it makes noise too !!  so if I'm ...
Modovo Hamburger Design Washable Pet House Dog House Cat House (15.74 X 14.56 X 11.81 inches)
review by Delancy Stephens
Totally unnecessary right? Cats are already sure they own everything! LOL. But we love them, and THEY love THIS!  The cat burger bed is perfect....they love to roll in it, play with it...and peek o...
IRIS Open Top Litter Box with Shield and Scoop Review
review by ccsoundguy
This tall litter box has really helped us. For some reason, our big (17 lb) cat has this thing about backing her butt up against the litter box when she pees. The urine would go outside of the box ...
Go Pet Club Cat Tree Beige Color Review
review by Shawna Kreger
i have actually had this for my cat and she highly adores it. It is the best play thing I could of gotten her. She never gets bored with it and always seems to love it. Thanks for a wonderful produ...
How To Choose a Healthy Dog Shampoo
article by paisleyhansen
Your dog's skin is important for their health and well-being- it is their largest organ after all. There are many ingredients in today's pet shampoos that are harmful to your dog's skin, especially...
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Ways to Make your Pets a Bigger Part of your Family
article by jennlee
Making Our Furry Friends FamilyHuman beings have always had a special bond with animals. For many families, adding a dog or cat to household is a given. Although the responsibility can be great whe...
How To Control Hair Loss in Dogs
article by Jack Richard
 A dog might experience partial or complete hair loss (alopecia) due to different factors. Hair loss can occur to any breed at any stage of their life. However, there are best service dog breeds th...