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How To Give Your Dog Quality Of Life?
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article by dchampagne
Dogs are faithful pets reared almost in every home around the globe. The canine is a true friend for human being since the beginning of civilization on earth. The trust, loyalty, relationship, and ...
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Best Things to Buy for Your Dog
article by Lana
When you are searching for the best products to buy for your dog, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. From different diet choices to multiple bowl options, it is hard to pick the right items. However, ...
Pet Seat Cover from Bark Brite
article by Jessica Taylor
As much as I love taking my dogs for car rides, it can sometimes be a hassle. We fold the back seats down and let them hop in, but they end up jumping into the middle row and scratch up our leather...
Pet Booster Seat
article by Jessica Taylor
My miniature schnauzer LOVES to ride in the car, but since he is so small he has trouble looking out of the window. Up until recently, I did not even realize that pet booster travel seats existed. ...
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Purina One Butters says More PLEASE.
article by Annie White  My cat Sally in the picture and Butters the begging kitty as well as the neighborhood stray kitties all say thank you very much. In fact I have a video I can share with...
Hills Science Diet
article by Annie White
 Hills science diet pet food is amazing my pets ate this stuff up like no tomorrow. I love that they make their food for both cats and dogs as all three of my fur babies got to enjoy a sweet little...
Purina Pro Plan Savor Roasted Slices
article by Annie White
 Both of my dogs both absolutely loved this treat they usually will snub their noses up at most treats because they are picky little boogers but no sooner they got a whiff of this product they were...
Bear Squeaky Toy from BINGPET
article by Jessica Taylor
This bear squeaky toy is officially one of my furbaby’s new favorite toys. This toy is about 13 inches long and has a plush toy and a tennis ball attached to a durable rope. The soft plus bear cont...
Big Dog Pet Supplies
article by Chastine Perkins
Designed for dogs with thick, heavy coats or with undercoats. The rotating teeth pull through the dog's coat without damaging it. Comfort grip handles make grooming your dog a pleasure. Available i...
Hip and Joint Supplements for Dogs
article by Gary T
 This is a easy item t o use for your dogs. It has a pump so it is easy to just pump a few on to the dogs food and they don't even know you did it . I really don't know if there is a taste or not b...
Show Some Kitty Love
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article by Renita Perrone
I love my cats. I have 2 indoor cats and one outdoor "feral" cat that claimed us and my daughter tamed 12 years ago. We guesstimate this outdoor cat is at least 13 years old and she's sti...
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All Things Boxers
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article by Lori Oates
Meet Scooter, our Boxer. He is now 8 years old, he has gotten really grey around his head, face and feet area since this picture was taken. Scooter is the most lovable dog I have ever been around. ...
Afghan hound5
Afghan Hound
article by CityWorkersWife1516
Let's talk about the Afghan Hound they are one of the oldest modest dogs dating back to 4000 BC. Which they make excellent hunting dogs. The Afghan Hounds have a temper and their physical character...
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Lend a Helping Paw to all Pets
article by CityWorkersWife1516
Shop. Give. Save Lives. Who can resist those playful little paws and soulful eyes? This is why you shower your pet with unconditional love, treats, and toys. As someone who gives their pet everythi...
Chase is on the Case! (Paw Patrol) (Step into Reading) - Random House Review
review by shanarenea
Paw Patrol is one of my youngest sons favorite shows!  I'm just glad that we are out of the Blue's Clue's faze because it was really hard to find stuff for that lol.  But this is a Step into Readin...
article by luckyducky
I love my Rhodesian ridgeback dog. Here are things we buy for her.