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POLYWOOD NCC2280WH Nautical Chaise with Arms - Stackable, White Review
review by Rindy May
These are super nice. I keep looking at them and waiting for the price to do down. Really I guess the price is not bad considering the durability and sturdiness of them. I am on a limited budget th...
Zuo beach sofa set
Outdoor Furniture for Luxury Living
article by happyhealthyhip
If you're searching for outdoor patio furniture or pool chairs, where do you even begin? You probably know where to look when it comes to shopping, but when it comes to design, there are several ma...
Living Express 3 Piece Outdoor Folding Bistro Set of Table And 2 Chairs,Dining Set,Sand Red Review
review by Rindy May
I have this set also and I bought it on clearance at Kmart a few years ago. I paid $15 for the whole set, no kidding! Love it, it is starting to fade but it has been outside for at least 5 years no...

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