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Chic Wall Art for a Joyful Girl Boss Space
article by Tina
My office is my sanctuary. Each morning I look forward to the walk down the hall, tea latte in hand, ready to "bring it" to the creative table. Of course, it helps that I LOVE what I do, ...
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Celebrate Your Favorite Lady Boss With These 8 Chic Gift Ideas
article by Tina
With #NationalBossDay less than a month away (October 17th) it's time to find an epic gift for your favorite lady boss. Whether you're lucky enough to be buying a gift for a boss you love, are pull...
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Trendy Sparrow: THE Etsy Store for Chic Bloggers
article by Tina
I first discovered Trendy Sparrow about a week ago while reading an article that featured one of their products. Maybe it was the fabulous lifestyle product photo or just the fact that the notepad ...
Knock Knock What I Love About Mom Fill-In-The-Blank Journal - Knock Knock Review
review by Tina
I bought this version a couple of months ago for us. We leave it by the coffee maker and take turns writing in it each day. Even my husband loves it and to get him to write is like pulling teeth ;)...
Biltoy Colors Premium Quality Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, Set of 12 Review
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review by Nicole Farber
These were ok. Nothing special. They don't break too easily- but there's only 12. I wouldn't purchase these again over another brand because it didn't provide anything special. Crayola would be fin...
GC Quill Pen - 2 Bottle Inks - Copper Pen Stem - Antique True Feather Metal Nibbed Calligraphy Pen, Dip Pen L16112 For Harry Potter Fans Review
review by Babie
This is very unique and i love it . The pen nips all work great and for different size of writing. It is the most beautiful thing i have seen in a long time . It is different and that makes it so n...
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Home Office
article by happyhealthyhip
Your office space says so much about you. Whether you add these items to your home office or desk at work, these office products and desk accessories will help to make your work day more enjoyable....
Wall decor
Decorating a Pinterest Inspired Girl Boss Wall Gallery
article by Tina
A chic wall gallery is a must-have for any Girl Boss but let's be honest, creating a pretty wall gallery can be downright overwhelming! Just how does one go about mixing frames, prints, colors, and...
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STD334SB20A6 - Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens Review
review by Cody Ragan Emerson
My new favorite pen!Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens are amazing and they are definitely my newest favorite of my pen hoarding! I'm obsessed with pens! The tip size is prefect - 0.3 mm Fine (triang...
Plinrise SG-DMN01 12 Pcs Bling Shiny Flash Glitter Colored Gel Ink Pen,Scrapbooking Card DIY Pens Markers Review
review by Winnie
You get 12 of the bling shiny flash gel pens. These would be great for crafting,write,coloring and making like cards and stuff. Great quality gel pens. The pens are easy to write with .You get a ni...
Dr. Office Ergonomic Office Chair High Back Mesh Home Desk Chair Modern Executive Home Office Chairs with Headrest and Armrest Review
review by tony
What can i say about this chair other then fantastic!!!! . This desk chair is awesome . It was easy to put together and so comfortable to sit in . It is all black in color . It is also breathable o...
BlueCosto Portable Footrest Flight Carry-on Foot Rest - Enhanced Version 2 Review
review by Garfield
BlueCosto Portable Footrest Flight Carry-on Foot Rest is well made and great quality. It is prefect for putting your feet up on a long flight or even at your desk . I got it under my desk and put m...
Mead Organizher Shopping Companion, 5.5 x 8.5 Inches, Purple (67453) Review
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review by Elizabeth Conklin
I received this neat little planner a few days ago and already love it.I mainly purchased this to be able to use on my couponing shopping trips. Something a little more stylish than a crumpled piec...
Disney Minnie First Fashionista Activity Table Set Review
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review by Elizabeth Conklin
This table and chair set is just adorable! I purchased this set just yesterday for my 2 year old! She loves to eat in other rooms of the house other than the kitchen tablet, so chasing her around a...
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Avery Easy Peel Address Labels
review by cheraarad
For those of us who still use snail mail, it can be a pain writing your name and address on envelopes. I love having address labels that I can just peel and stick on my envelopes. Every now and the...
Clear-Ad - LHF-S84 - Acrylic 4 Tier Brochure Holder Organizer - Table Top or Wall Mount - 8.5 x 11 (Pack of 4) Review
review by Martha DeMeo
This Acrylic 4 tier brochure holder has a divider on each tier so it will hold eight brochures.  When I ordered this product, I didn't realize the dividers can be removed and it will hold four maga...