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How to Create A Small Home Recording Studio For Less Than $200
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article by pmurphey
If you are a musician of any type, you may want to be able to record your music at home. This could be useful if you are a small independent startup band trying to record an album, or if you just w...
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Must-Own Movie Soundtracks
article by Sondra
Movies tend to stick with me much longer when the soundtrack is memorable. These are just a few I love to listen to - even if I don't plan to watch the films over and over again.              
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Motivational music
article by Johnny Boy
Music can help you achieve greatness . There is some fire that you can feel in your body when you hear something like Eye of the tiger or chariots of fire. This one will help you reach all hills yo...
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My Current Playlist
article by Sondra
Currently running through my speakers.                                                
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Guys, Don't Get Caught Singing Ariana Grande!
article by mark
Family road-trip, myself, lovely wife riding shotgun, and 2 daughters in the back...we're driving +300 miles together in grandpa's VW Eurovan, all pretense was left on the road many miles ago. Aria...
My Must Have Music
article by Rindy May
This may be a very long list because I love all kinds of music. What can I say, music is in me and has been since I have been on this earth. My favorite is classic rock and I fear it is fading away...
Just Listen - Sarah Dessen Review
This is one of my most favorite books by Sarah Dessen. It pretty much just sums whats left for some people. If you like to read I say give this book a try. Sarah Dessen is a great author and you ca...
The Philosophy of Punk: More Than Noise - Craig O'Hara Review
review by lifetime
<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->It leaves out some important things, but for the beginning explorer, it's a fine place to start.visit my site I would not,...
The Cinematic Orchestra: Every Day
review by Gk Parish-Philp
I don't know what it is, but somehow this music speaks directly to me. I think that everyone has their own aesthetic wavelength and this is on mine. I've often thought that if I were diagnosed with...
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What Can Music Do For Your Health?
article by jennlee
Music has been around for a long time. It is mostly for people's entertainment. What you don't know, is music can improve your health. Music should be a part of everyone's life not only for enjoyab...
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Growing up Learning an Instrument
article by jasminew
 One of the foundations to music therapy is tools. They allow for kids and adolescents in hospitals to concentrate on the gentle and rhythmic sounds they make while attempting to heal.Music therapy...
Usefulness of USB Microphones for PC
article by studioseries
Music recording industry has changed dramatically in the last two decades. Earlier music composers and studio owners needed elaborate setup to record high quality music. This has undergone gargantu...
Can't go wrong with Music
article by Desiree Solomon
       Wanted to drop in and talk about some love for music.... I grew up listening to all music but was mainly raised up on Country Music now don't get me wrong I know that Country Music isn't for...
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Bed Time Music for your Baby
article by Michael Ferguson
I am a father of two (1 year old daughter, and 3 year old son), both of whom needed me for little or no reason (all about the mommy) for the first months of their lives.  However, resolved to be of...
Frankie Manning Birthday
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article by cuga55
Some of you may not know him but Frankie Manning was dancer and choreographer loved by millions.You probably know him for Lindy Hop.Dancing is great and if you already haven't you can learn a lot f...
Music Class
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article by Patty Morrison
    I have noticed, that a lot of schools now a days don't have music. Schools where I live are more worried about sports. I think they need music in schools. Kids learn a lot in music. They learn ...