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How to Create A Small Home Recording Studio For Less Than $200
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article by pmurphey
If you are a musician of any type, you may want to be able to record your music at home. This could be useful if you are a small independent startup band trying to record an album, or if you just w...
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Must-Own Movie Soundtracks
article by Sondra
Movies tend to stick with me much longer when the soundtrack is memorable. These are just a few I love to listen to - even if I don't plan to watch the films over and over again.              
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My Current Playlist
article by Sondra
Currently running through my speakers.                                                
5 Beginner Drumming Techniques You Need To Know, The First Took Me 10 Years to Discover
Musical Instruments
Mike Michalkow teaches 5 fundamental drumming techniques, starting with how to hold your drum sticks in order to get the best sound and speed.How to hold the sticksPlaying from the Wrist - the wris...
Learning to Produce Electronic Music
Computer Audio
Studio Recording Equipment
Computer Recording
Electronic Music Production
Audio & Home Theater
Musical Instruments
Tech & Gadgets
Gabe outlines how to get a solid foundation, and tips on what you need to get started producing electronic music.  The first thing to learn is some fundamentals of music theory, what makes music so...
My Must Have Music
article by Rindy May
This may be a very long list because I love all kinds of music. What can I say, music is in me and has been since I have been on this earth. My favorite is classic rock and I fear it is fading away...

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