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Hot Pursuit - Reese Witherspoon Review
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review by Stacy Youngman
I just watched this movie for the first time. I remember seeing the movie trailers for it a while back but I never got the chance to watch it. This movie is about an hour and a half long and I neve...
First Look - CBS Television Distribution Review
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review by Patty Morrison
   I used to watch the original MacGyver. I loved that show. I was excited to see that CBS remade it. It stars Lucas Till as Angus MacGyver. Lucas played Havok in the X-Men series. Also stars Georg...
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry Review
review by Tene Smith-Bey
So here is my review. I've watched this movie I don't how many times and it is just that good. The funny banter and a few offensive jokes around the middle. But it tells a great crazy story that is...
The Man in the High Castle [HD]
review by Mallory Whitfield
We recently watched the pilot episode of this new show, which is produced by Amazon. We've been on a bit of an Amazon streaming kick lately, first watching the entire season 1 of Transparent (anoth...
review by Stephen H
There are only a handful of movies/stories that speak to me with such a deeply moving purity of voice. Visceral. Violent. Spectacular. Worth immersing in.  When you grow up as one of three boys and...
Cowboy Bebop: An Anime Fan's First True Love
review by Casey Drahos
They say you'll never forget your first love. It's true with anime as well. Especially if you're someone like me who came into the genre later in life. After watching Bebop I was hooked.This show h...
Why You Should Binge on Aeon Flux, The Complete Animated Series This Weekend
review by Rudy Desjardins
Peter Chung's take on dystopian far-future sci-fi, with his own rather distinctive but-obviously-anime-inspired animation style.If you're a sci-i fan who likes animated stuff, whether or not you di...
Binge-Worthy Movies: Howl's Moving Castle | Review
review by Michael Ferguson
The characters.  The world.  The sound track.  The art.  Total epic-ness!Howl's Moving Castle is one of Hayao Miyazaki finest movies. The world he spins is so vivid and rich, when I'm watching I lo...
Stardust... the best movie you never saw
review by Michael Ferguson
Stardust places #1 or #2 on my "movies that no one seems to have heard about" list.  The story is different (though follows a typical romance plot), that pulled me in, suspended my disbel...
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
review by Michael Ferguson
I fell in love with anime in the 90s, as a result of a precious few movies that simply wow'd me.  None did more for my infatuation than Hayao Miyazaki, master story teller.Of all his amazing movies...
Must-Binge Television: Broadchurch
review by Stephen H
Broadchurch pulls together a beautiful and believable story together in a British small town. The writing explores the almost normal characters in ways that breathe life, light and fuel curiosity. ...
Archer Complete Series Seasons 1-5 Set Review
review by Johnny Boy
Do you remember all those movies about spies and Cold war?This is homage in a way but it's funniest one I have ever seen. In a way it reminds me a lot of this old show: Archer is a super spy and he...
Rick and Morty: Season 1 Review
review by Johnny Boy
This is really nice new show that it's funny but in a way pretty deep. I don't know if this one would be a good choice to watch with your kids but you definitely have to watch it for yourself . One...
Futurama: The Complete Series Review
review by Johnny Boy
I loved this so much and I miss it even more. It was my favorite TV show at the time when it got out. Jokes were really funny, show was better than The Simpsons, there were aliens , robots and futu...
Family Guy - Season 1-14 [DVD] [1999] Review
review by Johnny Boy
This was so good when it came out. Family Guy is to Simpsons as Married with children is to Cosby show.They were rude and rather weird but very funny to me. All characters are funny in their own wa...
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X-Men: First Class Review
review by Johnny Boy
First class is great story about how X-Men started and how they became what they are in more present form. It was not to long , nor to short and story was interesting. There is just something I did...