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Awesome Cocktail Recipes!! Cheers!!
article by bellalulu82
Cocktails contain one or more types of liqueurs, juice, fruit, sauce, syrup or other flavorings. Cocktails may vary from bartender to bartender and place to place. Some may have the same name but t...
How to make a Margarita
article by Nicole Dake
As a former bar owner, I thought I should give everyone the skinny on how to make the best margaritas for their Cinco de Mayo celebration.  Hope you enjoy!First, fill up your shaker with ice.Next, ...
Best Bartender Tools for Mixing Cocktails
article by Johnny Boy
Sometimes you want to throw a home party or you just want to learn how to mix cocktails and learn a new and unique skill. Things here can help you with this.This is great for home too. Good shaker ...

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