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Gifts for the Great-Grandmother
article by Kim McPhee
This is the third themed gift guide I have put together.  In my browsing on Amazon and Shopswell I have come across items that reminded me that my mother and my mother-in-law are both Great-Grandmo...
Natural Crystal Macadam Heart Shape Alloy Edge Gravel Pendant Healing Wishing Bottle Necklace Review
review by tony
This is such a beautiful necklace . I love the pink color crystal macadam in side the heart shape pendent . The length of the chain is awesome it is 21 inch long. The pendent is also a good size 1....
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WensLTD Silver Infinity Retro Pearl Angel Wings Jewelry Dove Peace Bracelet Review
review by Nikki West
WensLTD Silver Infinity Retro Pearl Angel Wings Jewelry Dove Peace Bracelet is very beautiful. my girl would fall in love with this bracelet just for what it stands for. we have a Harley Davidson a...
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9 Affordable Must-Have Statement Necklaces
article by Cristy Mishkula
You don't have to break the bank to be fashionable. Dress up your wardrobe with these 9 affordable must-have statement necklaces that will turn any plain outfit from drab to fab!Bubble Bib Chunky N...
Areke Stainless Steel Crystals Piercing Jewelry Nose Studs Rings Pins Bezel Flat Nose Bone with Jewel Ball Color White Review
review by Tilda
You get a lot of the Nose Studs Rings Pins. They are very small and look great in the nose . Each nose ring has a small pretty jewel at the end . I had got the all white ones and you get 40 of them...
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Unique Zodiac Gifts Your Daughter Will Love
article by novsunflower
Having a little girl can be challenging. Having a young daughter turning 10 is even more challenging. Trying to find the perfect gift for said daughter's 10th birthday, is downright exhausting. Tha...
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Gothic Cocktail Statement Full Finger Ring
article by Ashley Chandler
 beautiful!!!!!!! this ring is a conversation starter for sure everywhere i go someone says oh i just love your ring!! It is made extremely well i honestly expected it to be flimsy but i was wrong,...
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5 pieces of jewelry for classy ladies who are fancy AF
article by novsunflower
Classy ladies are fancy AF, especially when they let their cuss words fly. Society constantly tells ladies "it isn't ladylike to curse." Somehow, letting cuss words fly from your lips is ...
12 Gifts Mom Really Wants (we promise!).
article by Tina
Jewelry? No, you gave her that last year. Flowers? No, that was the year before. Need a little help choosing the perfect Mother's Day gift? Here are 12 gifts mom REALLY wants. Being a mom is the to...
Sterling Silver Irish Claddagh Heart Locket by Boru Review
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review by Autumn Handy
Beautiful .... I have a claddagh ring as an engagment right !!  so asking for this necklace for xmas for sure !!   It'll match my stainless steal ring perfectly ( don't laugh  lol .... i bend rings...
Mood Boosters
article by Sondra
Because sometimes you need a little pick-me-up. Like, right now, or whenever you find it hard to hop out of bed in the morning. So, go ahead, pick a phrase from one of these cute little items and s...
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Blue for the Bride
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article by Lea
Something borrowed, something blue: add a pop of color to your wedding day with these blue accessories or ditch the traditional white and replace it with bold blue for a modern statement. Your wedd...
11 Non-Traditional Wedding Accessories for the Modern Bride
article by Tina
We’re going a bit atypical with these 11 wedding accessories for the modern bride. Forget the roses and soft pastel colors - we're going for bright, colorful statement pieces that will leave your g...
Birthstones and Their Meanings
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article by Marilou Abruscato
As my birthday approaches I am thinking more about my birthstone and what it actually means.  I am an October baby which is Opal.  I  do not own a genuine opal.  An opal is a soft translucent stone...
Beautiful Bracelet is Comfortable, Lightweight and Very Attractive! Funky and Flawless!
review by Nikki Desrosiers
I was quite impressed both the design and quality of this tiger's eye bracelet. I am a huge fan of eclectic jewelry. I love having unique pieces that standout and spark conversation - so when I cam...
October The Good, The Spooky and The Awareness
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article by Marilou Abruscato
October is a good month for several reasons with some spookiness and awareness.  It is the month of Halloween and also in which we remind the world about a dreadful disease affecting millions among...